Java Developer – ME – 0949
The State of Maine is in need of multiple Java Developers to augment the in-house development staff as they refactor two major application systems to a REST based SOA architecture paired with a WCAG 2.0 compliant modern browser-based UI. These additional contract programmers will bring experience coding Java for the target system architecture, working closely with existing programmers which have extensive knowledge of the existing system and necessary business logic.

• Refactor business logic and DB I/O java code from servlets implementing complete MVC to SOA.
• Write Java Code for a Service Oriented Architecture utilizing JSON/REST via Spring and CXF.
• Write Browser-based Graphical User Interface scripts on UI libraries including REACT, etc. calling upon the REST API services.

This longterm contract is fully onsite in Augusta, Maine and open to US citizens and Permanent Residents only.  We regret C2C is not an option.

Top 3 Skills 

  • Java Programming
  • SQL
  • Browser based GUI design


  • Java: Advanced, 4+ years required
  • SQL: Intermediate, 2+ years required
  • Oracle DB: Beginner
  • Frameworks:
    • TomEE (Tomcat) Server: Intermediate, 2+ years required
    • Spring REST: Intermediate, 2+ years required
    • REACT UI Library: Intermediate, 2+ years required
  • Experience coding Java based web services
  • QA/Testing:
    • Maven and test Mock class implementations to enable unit testing and instrument the tested code paths.
    • Automated security analysis of Java code

For more information or to apply please contact